Choosing a video to DVD transfer company

Are they really a dedicated transfer company? Check their address, is it a business address or residential. Too many internet businesses are actually just one man making a few pounds from home. Chances are they will not be insured or have the resources to make your transfer quickly and effectively.


Are they VAT registered? A non VAT registered company may offer a slightly cheaper price, but again this means they are not really making a living from the service they offer.
Do they offer transfers from all the popular video formats that have been used over the years? You can find a list of these formats here.

Do they offer a simple and straight forward price structure? There’s nothing worse in my mind than not being able to see what you will be paying for a product or service. Well may be there is....

Are there any hidden costs. OK, so you deiced who you are going to entrust your family memories to and just as you are about to complete the ordering process they hit you with an unexpected charge. That cheap price that enticed you doesn’t seem so good now and why did they stoop to that level to get your business?

Are you paying for options and add on services that you may not want? Fancy menus and printed covers can be great, but are often away of bumping the price up. Look for a service that lets you chose what extras you want. This way you get maximum value.

Do they copy protect the discs they make? There your memories you should be free to copy and edit them as you wish.

Do they offer extra copies at a reasonable price? The bulk of the cost of a video transfer is for the time the initial transfer takes. Despite what you may be told by some transfer companies the only way to achieve a good transfer is to work in real time. Extra copies however take a fraction of the time and their price should reflect this.

Do they publish their full address? PO Boxes provide an easy way to mask a run from home business. You want to know where your precious videotapes are being sent to.

Do you know the name of the company you are dealing with? Beware of any one offering their services under 1000’s of different names and website. It’s one thing to have a couple of brand names but if your chosen transfer company is on the web under many many names and is reluctant to give you the actual name of their business…. Beware.